The workshops are now complete.
One-to-one mentoring will take place in February.

Phase 1 - Stand Up

Awareness Raising Workshop:
19 October 2021, 2-5pm

During this 3-hour online workshop you will learn about some of the aspects of entrepreneurship in Ireland.  These include:

  • Characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Exploring self-employment
  • Developing business ideas
  • Marketing
  • Basic Legal Requirements
  • Funding

Through this, you can decide if joining the Irish entrepreneurship ecosystem sounds interesting to you, and if you would like to progress to the next phase of the Enter to Transform training programme.

Phase 2 - Start Up

During these two 3-hour online workshops, you will be introduced to business planning, and also find out how to develop your business idea through ideation and business development techniques.  You will create an idea template that will become your roadmap for the rest of the training programme. 


This will define a pathway that highlights the key milestones you need to achieve in order to reach your goals. If you want to continue to develop your ideas and learn about starting a business in Ireland, you can register for Phase 3. You will also have access to experienced entrepreneurship mentors and free access to a co-working space during this phase.

Business Planning:
2 November 2021, 2-5pm

Business Idea:
9 November 2021, 2-5pm

Phase 3 - Scale Up

Finance and Basic Law:
16 November 2021, 12-5pm

Sales & Funding Opportunities:
23 November 2021, 12-5pm

30 November 2021, 12-5pm

December 2021 - April 2022

During three 5-hour training sessions, you will be presented with more detailed information about how to start your business in the Irish entrepreneurship ecosystem. This is done through focused workshops that cover all topics needed to learn about starting your business. You will also receive one-to-one mentoring time with an experienced entrepreneur. Additionally, you will have free access to a co-working space, not only during this phase but after, when you head into the ecosystem. When you finish this phase, you will be advised on your next moves and the existing structures that will aid you.


Workshop Description:

Basic Finance for Entrepreneurs

This workshop will provide an overview of the financial structures and reporting that is required and will also provide all participants with advice about company set up in Ireland.

Market Research

This workshop will assist the participants to understand the market environment in which they intend to operate, who their competition is, to identify their unique selling points and how best to target their market.

Sales / Funding Opportunities

This workshop will provide participants with the necessary skills to sell their product or service.

Facilitated Q&A with local entrepreneurs

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to speak to and learn from entrepreneurs who have successfully started their own business.

Social media / developing an online presence for Entrepreneurs

This workshop will provide participants with information on setting up websites, selling online and online marketing.

Basic legal considerations for SME

In this workshop, participants will be made aware of their legal obligations, law of contact is explained and other business contracts such as partnership agreements and shareholder agreements are discussed.